A little bit about us..

We met in a field in the south of Scotland, instantly connecting over a whole bunch of shared passions. Very quickly we started working together and before long the business formed so we could document things in our own signature style(s).

Stevie has a background in computers, technology, a critical thinker who is constantly assessing the next shot and how to achieve it. Allegra loves education and has studied Documentary film for several years now – putting everything she has learned to use whether she’s behind the camera, directing, or producing.

We find we work pretty seamlessly together(most of the time), and that our strengths and weaknesses balance out really well. We’ve been doing it for so long now that capturing events together is second nature to us – which means that sensitive stuff such as weddings or family shoots are way less stressful than they would be otherwise.

personal websites

As much as we love being constantly bundled together just because we’re the coolest working couple people have ever known.. We like to think we’re pretty cool in our own right. Check our personal websites out for more individual info:

Recompose studio

Website here

From early 2021 until late 2024 – we operated ReCompose Studio out of a beautiful basement in Letna, Prague. We are moving on from this space – but will continue to operate with a series of pop-up events in other spaces when we get more time 🙂 

Here are a few pictures from our time there:

social creatures

We also have social media – sometimes it’s worth checking out what we’re upto over there too as it tends to get updated more than our websites do!

Allegra Stodolsky

Allegra Stodolsky


Stevie Powers

Stevie Powers

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