MEdia Management

Strong teams make working fun

We love working festivals.. but we love working festivals even more when we know we’ve got a good crew. It makes all the difference! 

That’s why we offer Media Management services to events – utilising our great network of super talented friends and colleagues to make sure that your events get great coverage, as smooth as possible.

Our teams range anywhere from 2 to 30 people, and cover everything from shooting photos, video, vertical reels, drones and aerials, 360s, timelapses, hyperlapses, etc.

In addition to this, our office team consists of data-wranglers, editors, producers and managers to ensure that all the content that is getting shot makes it safely to the right people.

We even offer live-streaming and broadcast using dedicated Starlink connections, anywhere in the world.

Team Managment

Staff selection, Rotas and Quotas. Let us take the strain of managing the media people at your event

Photo/Video Coverage

We keep shooting all weekend long so you don’t have to focus on whether there is stuff to post or not

Social Media Management

We’ll ensure there’s posts scheduled, comments are responded to and that the buzz is kept up before, during and after events

Data Wrangling and Archival

Every bit of content we shoot is carefully stored, copied, archived and delivered to editors as soon as possible

Broadcast Team

Whether it’s live on Facebook/Youtube, or going out to a news company or external media, we’ve got it covered.

Contracts and Invoicing

We can take on contractual obligation, insurance and invoicing for the whole team – keeping things simple on your end

GREAT colleagues

We’re so proud of some of the people we work with, we’re featuring them here! Go check out their own respective websites/socials to see their work.

Big Benny Glasgow

Big Benny Glasgow

Project Manager

What About Kyle

What About Kyle

Creative Director

Sam of the Wise

Sam of the Wise

Visual Media

LEt us manage your team

No matter how big or small your event is – if you aren’t sure what is required in terms of people power when it comes to covering it, we can help. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get back to you asap x