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Having shared a decade together, most of it spent with cameras in-hand, we’ve collected quite a bunch of photos and videos from over the years.. Here is a gallery  of our photos(use the categories to select specifics) as well as a few links to some of our favourite videos(down below.


Here are some of our favourite video projects from the past while.. If you are looking for Allegra’s documentaries, make sure to check out her own page over here.

KElburn Garden Party

The best, most diverse, versatile festival in Scotland. We’ve been shooting there for 10 years now, and managing the media team for half of that. Today we operate with a team of 20-25 staff, working tirelessly to ensure the festival has enough media for daily and future edit needs. It’s definitely the highlight of our year – and while acknowledging our bias, we recommend you give it a go!

Check out their website at
(all the photo and video content on there is ours)

And here are a few links to some of the recent aftervideos!

KNOCkengorroch World Ceilidh

Started properly the year after a Rainbow Gathering took place on their land in the 90s, the Holmes family have crafted one of the most amazing examples of a fusion festival we’ve ever seen. Blending traditional music from Scotland and across the world with huge bookings from across the “popular music” spectrum. We also run the media team there!

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